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“RIMISAR” LTD is a dynamically developing company, established in 2012 with administrative address in Sofia, Reduta, Popova shapka Str. 31

At the end of 2014, we invested in a project for building a production facility with address in the town of Pirdop, industrial zone Iztok, Fourth Str.2  – office building and production area for fiberglass pipes, fittings and tanks with production area of 2400 sq.m.

Specialized in the execution of construction and installation works of industrial buildings and facilities, complete and partial sand blasting and water-jetting treatment, anti-corrosion protection, installation and dismantling of roof and facade systems. Since 2017 we have successfully started production and installation of GRP pipes, fittings and tanks that meet German standards, as well as a specific customer assignment.

Our team

RIMISAR relies on a well-trained team of 42 professionals, investing in their training and qualification in order to offer the clients quality and satisfaction.

We have trained frames for a fully closed cycle, including production, assembly and service.


Project and main objective: “Sustainable development through energy efficiency and efficacy”. Achieving Competitiveness and Sustainable Development of RIMISAR Ltd. by enhancing energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Rimisar EOOD starts the implementation of the project under a grant agreement

Clients and projects

  • Aurubis Bulgaria
  • Dundee Precious Metals
  • Zlatna Panega Beton EOOD
  • Montaji Co. EOOD
  • ZMU Pleven EOOD.

  • Stroyrent
  • Metalplast AD
  • Hymgard System OOD
  • Elatzite Med AD
  • M – Trans EOOD
  • Globalkar EOOD

  • Bulakses EOOD
  • PMU AD
  • Aquatononi EOOD
  • Metalurg Remont-21 AD
  • OK Markovi OOD
  • Kalistratov Group Ltd.
  • A1 and etc.


We strive to meet the high requirements of all our customers by offering honesty and quality at an affordable price, opening up new jobs and caring for each individual worker, we are interested in protecting the environment because it is our home and it will be for our children, we rely on innovative solutions in our business to be competitive in the ever-evolving world.