Production of fiberglass products – pipes, fittings, tanks, chimneys

In its long-term activity, RIMISAR has been implementing projects mainly concentrated in acid – aggressive environments. From the experience gained in similar working conditions, the company expands its field of business by focusing on the production of GRP products and relies on this extremely resistant composite material fiberglass. High strength and stability properties of composite materials along with chemical resistance and relatively low weight allow the production of pipes of different uses and high resistance.

RIMISAR offers a wide range of sizes of fiberglass pipes in terms of diameters:

– from 25 mm to 6000 mm at length up to 12 000 mm, which meet the German standards according to DIN 16 964, DIN 16, DIN 16 966, DIN 16 966-7 and can also be made according to a specific customer’s requirement.

Depending on the specific working environment and the customer’s requirement, different types of vinyl – ester (novolak) or polyester resins and the corresponding glass fabrics – glassmat, gel, mat, etc. are used.

We also offer different options with an internal chemical layer of thermoplastics -ECTFE,  PPH, PE, PVDF, PVC, etc.

The construction parts are produced by partially automated technology and exclusively by hand-lamination technology, certified by the German certificate DVS 22 20.