RIMISAR LTD is a dynamically developing company, established in 2012, specializing in the production of fiberglass products, execution of construction and installation works of industrial buildings and facilities and renting out mechanization services

What we offer?

Production of fiberglass products

We are specialized in the production and installation of fiberglass pipes, fittings, tanks and chimneys, which meet German standards. We also work on a specific customer assignment.The materials we use in the production are of the highest quality in terms of their performance characteristics:

  • FRP / GRP – Fiberglass
  • CFRP – Extremely high strength composites
  • GRP / ECR – Chemical and corrosion resistant material
  • PPH (PPC) / GRP – Combined composite for extremely high strength at low and high temperatures and temperature amplitudes
  • PVDF / ECTFE / GRP – Fiberglass pipes with chemically resistant laminate, resistant to the most aggressive chemical reagents

Services/ Rent

  • Construction and assembly activities of industrial buildings and facilities;
  • Rental equipment (LIEBHERR LTM 1090-4.1, lifting platforms, BROKK – a destructive technique with remote control for  difficult access spaces);
  • Own commercial premises for industrial materials in the town of Pirdop.

Why to choose us?

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