Our services

Construction and installation services

We execute construction and installation works of industrial buildings and facilities classified into the following categories:

  • Metal and reinforced concrete structures
  • Roofing systems, installation and dismantling
  • Facade systems, installation and dismantling
  • Complete and partial sandblasting and water-jetting treatment, anti-corrosion protection

Commercial activity

The company has its own commercial premises for industrial materials located on the territory of Pirdop city, Alexander Battenberg str. 10. We offer a wide range of building materials and tools, paints and varnishes, fasteners and electrical materials, household goods and other more. Welcome!

Rent mechanization

RIMISAR has its own lifting platforms to provide services to hardly accessible places:

  • Autocrane LIEBHERR LTM 1090-4.1 – with length of the main boom – 50 m and the additional one – 19 m
  • JLG 450 AJP (15m)
  • JLG 600 AJP (working height – 20 m)
  • Wumag Elepahant WT 355 on the Mercedes chassis (working height – 35 m, radius – 24 m)
  • Wumag Elepahant WT 575 on the Mercedes chassis (working height – 57.5 m, radius – 34 m)
  • Wumag Elepahant WT 350 on the Mercedes chassis (working height – 35 m, radius – 28 m)
  • Rotary telescopic loader (MRT 2540), with attachments – forks, bucket and hydraulic crane system -3 tons
  • BROKK – destructive technique for difficult access spaces

Discounts for long-term use